What is Suorin Edge Pod System?

A brand new pen-style vape has actually shown up. It’s the Suorin Side Hull System, a brand-new and also interesting shuck mod with an adorable and also wonderful simple layout. That includes high battery life, making you able to vape all day. As Well As the Suorin Side Hull System Is additionally a draw triggered shuck and also has a container of 1.5ml capability for vape juice. As well as a terrific alternative for you that Is trying to find a little and also very easy to go vape.

 Suorin Edge


The Suorin Side Hull System features a changeable battery of 230mAh and also passthrough charging. Along with a mini USB (type-c) billing cord as well as additionally 0.5A average recharge, the voltage variety outcome of the sourin Goes to 3.3-4.2V. It additionally has an 8-13W and also Is relatively easy to fix. The filling up system of the vape Goes to the shuck and also very easy to utilize. All you need to do Is relocate the little protection sideways and also fill up the shuck. Take care or utilize a syringe If you don’t intend to mistake as It quickly overspills when filling out. The battery of the shuck collaborates with a LED light that assists you see just how much battery you have actually left. Eco-friendly indicates that you have more than 70% battery. Blue Is in between 30 and also 70% and also red Is listed below 30%. The Suorin Hull additionally have a lock switch on the side of It which secures the shuck and also avoids battery drainpipe when you’re not utilizing It.


Taste High Quality:

The vape fluids for the Suorin Hull Side System are suggested to be nic-salt e-Liquids based which are frequently 50% VG and also 50%PG. Yet you can additionally utilize freebase e-liquids, Pure nicotine complimentary e-liquids, 60/40 VG/PG proportion e-liquids, and also 70/30 VG/PG e-liquids. While you attract from the sourin you can really feel a high quantity of taste from the e-liquid. That makes It interesting the vapers available that like an excellent taste.



The Suorin Side Hull System Is extremely slim and also smooth styled with several shades. It’s a light and also very easy “to-go” vape. Suggesting that It’s incredibly slim and also has a mobile layout. Suorin has actually formerly brought out several sheathings such as this. Yet they have actually made a great deal of enhancements in between each brand-new launch. For instance, the Suorin Air V2 Hull, which Is a rectangularly designed shuck that holds a two-piece setting up. The two-piece setting up has the shuck which Is where you fill your e-liquid and after that the body of the shuck. The body of the shuck holds the battery and also the billing port. Nevertheless, the brand-new Suorin Side Hull System have actually made a substantial upgrade that additionally makes It stand apart a great deal Out there. This upgrade Is their brand-new unpredictable battery system. With the brand-new version, you can transform the battery of your shuck when needed and also you additionally obtain an additional battery when you purchase the set. This makes It extremely functional and also enticing to lots of.

Suorin Air V2

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