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Vozol Bar S Non Reusable Vape Testimonial – Icy and also Fruity

vozol bar s review


Non reusable vape vessels are ending up being an also larger point nowadays, so allow’s evaluation and also trial run a brand-new package, the Vozol Bar S.

As a business Vozol has absolutely pleased the customers below on Megavapeshop.

We’ve checked out the Vozol D1 non reusable vessels – the comply with up Vozol D2 and also obviously I enjoyed the Vozol G-Roar fashionable, beefy pen design package with those algae fiber coils.

Absolutely a vape firm with an excellent performance history that appears to actually have an excellent understanding of the non reusable vape shuck market for certain.

What Can We Anticipate From the Vozol Bar S?

I’m very little of an ‘ice‘ based e-liquid fan – but as always I’m seeking wonderful preference.

With a non reusable vape come shuck package, I likewise anticipate convenience of usage and also long life.

vozol bar s flavours

The very first is covered as these are draw triggered – so no switches or displays.

As well as Vozol claim the packages have a 450mAh interior battery providing you as much as 500 smokes per package – okay in any way.

The Vozol Bar S non reusable shuck packages been available in 12 flavours from fruits to gelato and also all have ice as the primary flavour note.

Mentioning which there are no flavour notes – the flavours promote themselves 🙂

disposable vape pod review

They are readily available in 20mg and also 50mg pure nicotine degrees – below in the UK we’re restricted to 20mg and also those are the staminas I got.

Vozol really kindly sent out x5 flavours for me to examine – thanks – and also as constantly my ideas and also point of views are not guided by free offers.

A huge thanks for the tee shirt – cap and also lanyard as well…

vozol merchandise

Jonny asked if I’d mind modeling them…so there ya go lol…may use that set at the following grab-a-granny evening I participate in 😉

In some way I assume a China XXL isn’t the like below in the UK…can hardly breath haha.

As well as yeah…I am readily available for modeling tasks ha!

Right…on with the Vozol Bar S non reusable vessels examine.

Vozol Bar S Pineapple Ice 20mg

pineapple ice

I Claim:

As currently stated there’s no flavour summary I can locate however I don’t assume we require it!

In spite of not suching as juice that’s as well icy this is an extremely yummy and also rejuvenating vape certainly.

I enjoy pineapple flavoured vapes and also this is just one of the best I’ve tasted.

Really wonderful certainly.

Vozol Bar S Rejuvenating Mint 20mg

refreshing mint

I Claim:

Yeah I’m gonna claim it – I don’t often tend to choose minty menthol vapes.

The odor from the package is really minty certainly…

On the inhale you actually obtain a whack of ice with a spearmint preference below.

It seemed like it was mosting likely to be a little as well cool ‘n fresh…

Nevertheless on the breathe out the ice relaxes simply a little leaving an additional rejuvenating and also really yummy cloud of benefits.

Vozol Bar S Iced Mango 20mg

iced mango

I Claim:

No refuting the scent when you get rid of the little stopper – and also this actually does scent like mango!

I understand that’s mentioning the noticeable, however a couple of non reusable vapes I’ve attempted are a little artificial…

Once again the inhale brings that cooling down ice however the mango battles its means to the front as it strikes the rear of your throat.

It’s the exhale where the fruit takes control of providing a tidy vivid fruity vape that actually is fairly tasty.

Advises me of a mango shake I made use of to drink on the coastline in Goa…beautiful things and also the very first I cleared!

Vozol Bar S Grape Ice 20mg

vozol bar s grape ice

I Claim:

I’m yet to locate a grape flavoured e-liquid or vape that I such as…I locate them all a little bit perfumy.

The odor is assuring if a little subdued by the ice impact.

I’m not actually obtaining an excellent quantity of grape – it’s fruity for certain if a little pleasant for me.

I can’t actually place my finger on what this preferences like…it’s positive for certain…and also really fruity.

I’m a little split on this if I’m truthful…by that I suggest I type of like it!

Vozol Bar S Strawberry Gelato 20mg

vozol bar s strawberry ice cream

I Claim:

I’m a fool for gelato – mirrored in the quantity of right stuff in my purchasing shipments lol.

Yeah there’s a guaranteed strawberry pleasant syrupy odor originating from this!

I inform you what this advises me of – raspberry surge!

Yeah I understand it’s a strawberry flavour, however there’s a line of vanilla, reduced with the pleasant strawberry, prior to the ice cools it all down.

Type of layers instead of one solitary ball of strawberry gelato.

Really wonderful certainly.

MTL Design Attract?

Undoubtedly there’s no air movement control, so exactly how limited are the Vozol Bar S non reusable vapes?

They’re in fact rather limited…

With 10 being the tightest these are very easy high 8’s to mid 9’s.

You can hold you finger over the air inlet on the base to obtain them also tighter.


  • Great to wonderful flavours
  • Outstanding vapour
  • Dead straightforward to utilize
  • Inexpensiveish cost sensible


Last Testimonial Decision

I presume the globe of vaping is torn on disposables – I understand I am.

Yes we require to be worried concerning reusing, and also it resembles all the components – box – tool – wrapper and also bung – can be reused.

vozol bar s wrapper

I’m gradually coming round to non reusable vapes being OKAY – as long as they are thrown away appropriately.

They are perfect to chuck in your bag, vehicle or pocket and also best as a back-up or for new vapers intending to provide vaping a do without excessive investment.

When It Comes To the Vozol Bar S non reusable vapes?

I in fact like them a whole lot which’s in spite of constantly groaning concerning the e-liquid firms chucking gallons of coolada everywhere!

The 5 flavours I’ve tested are really fruity and also really fresh…perfect for the present UK heatwave.


What are your ideas on non reusable vapes?

Have you attempted the Vozol Bar S ones?

Please allow me understand your ideas and also point of views in the remarks listed below!