The Volcano vaporizer was launched in 2000 as an analog vaporizer, as well as referred to as the Volcano Standard in 2007 when Storz & Bickel launched the Volcano Number. In 2019, the Number was changed with the Volcano Crossbreed, with considerable interior adjustments. Today’s selection in between a Traditional or Crossbreed Volcano vaporizer goes a whole lot much deeper than a glossy brand-new user interface.

Crossbreed Volcano vs Standard Volcano – Why they’re various

The Volcano Standard as well as Volcano Number make use of convection home heating that’s preferred, partially, for its preference as well as effectiveness. Every vape Storz & Bickel has actually made because, nevertheless, includes transmission warm, for a crossbreed of both home heating designs, that essences quicker. Hereof, the Crossbreed Volcano stands for an upgrade to the Volcano Standard. However does that suggest it’s the much better desktop computer vaporizer?

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Crossbreed has even more strike

When I placed the very same natural herbs right into both Volcanoes, the Crossbreed essences whatever I desire in 2 bags, where the Traditional takes 4. Crossbreed bags are milkier, much heavier, as well as much more extreme. This can profit hefty customers that require to promptly remove a great deal of natural herbs, yet can be extreme for lighter customers. The Standard is chosen by those that search for lighter vapor.

Review our complete Volcano Crossbreed Evaluation

Volcano Crossbreed has even more functions – if you have accessibility

The Volcano Standard has whatever you require to vape throughout the day – analog temperature level control, an interior air pump, as well as no shutoff timer. Along with the accuracy of electronic temperature level control, the Crossbreed brings a host of customized alternatives, if you can access them. Apple prohibited all vape applications from their system in 2019, leaving vape lovers with a warm mess to function about. If you have a COMPUTER, Mac, or Android phone, you’ll have the ability to readjust the Crossbreed’s shutoff timer, illumination, phone informs, as well as also set the ideal bag loaded with several temperature levels. Or else, you’ll shed a great deal of the Crossbreed’s capability.

Volcano Classic vs Hybrid - Hybrid Controls

Crossbreed has a whip

For those that whined the Volcano just impacts bags, go into the Crossbreed. It features a whip that completely pivots atop the Volcano, making it very easy to share. The Crossbreed Filling up Chamber spins onto the base so the whip doesn’t diminish, like it would certainly on the Standard’s chamber that merely rests on top.

Volcano Classic vs Hybrid - Hybrid whip

Crossbreed has much more exact controls

The Standard’s bimetallic thermostat is just precise to within 9° F (5° C), while the Volcano Crossbreed vaporizer has a digital thermostat which remains within 2.7° F (1.5° C) of the shown temperature level. Both devices rise to 446° F (230° C), yet the Standard can just be called to 266° F (130° C) versus 104° F (40° C) for the Crossbreed. If your demands call for even more exact temperature level control, the Crossbreed transcends, with a broader temperature level variety.

Volcano Classic vs Hybrid - Hybrid Controls

Crossbreed warms up quicker

The Volcano Standard’s warm up time is sluggish by today’s criteria. It can take as long as 6 mins to warm up to the greater temperature levels, which is why a lot of customers pick to leave it on for prolonged durations. The Crossbreed, nevertheless, reaches temperature level in much less than 2 mins, or around as lengthy as it requires to prepare the Filling up Chamber. The Crossbreed needs to be the much more power reliable device.

Shut-off timer no more a problem

When the selection was in between the Traditional or Number Volcanos, the major conversation factor was the Number’s bothersome 30-minute shutoff timer, while the Standard had none. If the Crossbreed’s warm up time doesn’t make this a non-issue, its variable shutoff timer will. The Volcano Crossbreed’s timer can be readjusted from 5 mins completely as much as 6 hrs.

Sturdy style, the Standard a lot more so

Both vapes were created with no glass elements, so sturdiness is a strength, as well as Volcanoes have actually been recognized to last more than 10 years. The Standard still has a mild benefit with its analog controls, as there are no electronic devices that might stop working.

Volcano Classic vs Hybrid - Classic

Analog versus electronic controls

The Traditional as well as Crossbreed Volcanoes vary considerably when it pertains to the interface, yet both can be a discomfort to make use of at night. The Standard’s lighted switches are very easy to discover, yet the analog handle makes it tough to see what temperature level is chosen during the night. The Crossbreed’s lighted electronic temperature level display screen is very easy to see in any type of problems (as well as can be lowered with the customized controls), yet the switches don’t illuminate, making them tough to situate in darker problems.

Volcano Classic vs Hybrid - Classic Controls

Crossbreed is $220 even more

The Crossbreed ($699) sets you back considerably greater than the Traditional ($479). The Volcano Standard has actually pleased customers for years, so there’s absolutely nothing to avoid. However the Crossbreed brings considerable upgrades to the table. It’s not simply tighter electronic temperature level control – the Crossbreed includes a whip, quicker removal, as well as programmable functions not located anywhere else.

Last ideas

The distinctions in between the Standard as well as Crossbreed Volcanoes are genuine, yet so is the cost. If you currently have a Volcano Standard, or are secured right into its reduced cost factor for a brand-new one, you’re mosting likely to be great. Its reliable style as well as great vapor are enjoyed by lots of. In the two decades because its launch, Storz & Bickel has actually discovered a whole lot, as well as their search of the utmost clinical vaporizer caused the polished furnace we currently see in the Volcano Crossbreed. If you evaporate natural herbs for alleviation, or are merely a hefty vaporist, you will certainly value the Crossbreed’s warp speed as well as additional “oomph”.

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