Yup – you review that right – evidently vaping is sexist and also the current clinical research study verifies it!

Not just that, if you’re a male vaper you’re 3 times more probable to shoot down cases there’s greater than 2 sexes As Well As transform your nose up at rainbow coloured vape gadgets and also containers!

Well ain’t we a number of chauvinists!

Scientists from the appropriately called GUYcetter College in the strangely enough called city of Cumming in Georgia UNITED STATES [sniggers], state the quantity of hazardous male testosterone around vaping indicates young male vapers are rapid ending up being misogynists or ‘male pigs‘ as one representative – ooops sorry spokesindividual, mentioned.

Oh my days…where to start with this set!

Vaping Is Sexist – Dripping, Drippers, Wicking and also E-liquid Are Misogynistic

The research study was executed by the Female’s Variety and also Addition division at GUYcetter College and also entailed information accumulated from 142021 vapers utilizing social networks entrances over the last twelve month.

Once the numbers were ground it developed some shocking final thoughts consisting of:

  • Leaking is a sexist expression symptomatic of women stimulation in the existence of an ‘excited‘ male
  • The exact same with vape juice
  • Drip idea is undoubtedly twin definition symptomatic of a penis or the possibility of an impact task
  • Pen design gadgets are a phallic sign of male supremacy
  • Guy won’t acquire rainbow coloured vape kits and also containers since they look ‘effeminate
  • Box mods are a recommendation to the best limited vaginal area
Neil Cozens assesses the Smok Novo X – good nails dude

Which’s simply a couple of…

I need to state they all had me a little baffled, which last one had me damaging my head…NOT a dual entendre…most likely…

Nonetheless a fast read of the research study’s final thoughts reveals that today’s feminists are completely comprehensive of all ladies’s vaginal canals specifically ladies with a loosened pelvic flooring…seems uncomfortable.

And also yeah, prior to you call me a chauvinist…males that menstruate or that can deliver are currently a point and also they’re consisted of under the vaping is sexist banner also.

I’m only varied nowadays so settle girls and also go fold some washing…or whatever chicks do to kick back nowadays.

Undoubtedly, according to this team of women, vaping is sexist in the direction of Every One Of the sexes consisting of: transgender, sex neutral, non-binary, agender, pangender, genderqueer, two-spirit, 3rd sex to name yet a few of the zillion available scientific research has actually currently found exist…

Wicking Is Sexist As It Recreates Male Infiltration…

One more vital searching for was guided at those people that like to construct.

Among the research study group was evidently deeply distressed at seeing the insertion of cotton with a coil prior to e-liquid was leaked onto the deck.

vaping is sexist - wicking
Organic is code for orgasmic definition wicking is VERY sexist you bigot!

Día de los Inocentes [cool name darlin’] claimed she was both psychologically and also literally trembled and also required time in the school all comprehensive besides heterosexual males risk-free space after seeing a YouTube construct of the Augvape Consumption MTL RTA.

She informed the media:

Also the name of this storage tank is sexist and also deeply troubling as Consumption undoubtedly indicates the intaking of male juice…revolting.

Viewing this male pig with a large beard, woodchopper tee shirt and also break back cap thumbing the cotton woollen right into the coil misbehaved sufficient…

However after that seeing him trickle and also spray his revolting sticky juice everywhere and also licking his lips as the vapor climbed and also it spouted anywhere, was deeply stunning and also offending…

Honor her…

Vape Reviewers Are CERTAINLY Sexist

Vape customers likewise obtain selected, specifically those on YouTube – phew!

It’s not examining it’s vapesplaining which is much much even worse than mansplaining evidently.

vaping is sexist
Harley vape customer [image for artistic use and not suggesting he’s a sexist pig]

Día de los Inocentes claimed:

Vape examining is really male controlled and also simply one more opportunity to mansplain therefore patronize ladies and also the wide variety of sexes available.

Vape examining might be among the last strongholds of hetro male supremacy and also should be destroyed…

I think the woman requires some chick details CBD to loosen up…yet claiming that could be interpreted as sexist…so I won’t.


For justness and also equal rights, I talked with our Michelle that took down her iron and also consented to comment.

Yes vaping is most definitely sexist, you never ever see any kind of women vape customers – Megavapeshop ought to include some to the group…

‘Shell – whose pronouns are her/hey/oi missus and token female, obviously isn’t recognizing as a women now…I could be incorrect, I suggest all this things is really complicated.

I’m sure she’ll place me ideal in the remarks – when naturally she’s completed ironing Jonny’s underpants…we need to locate something for her to do…

Ideal action promptly on…

Vape Shops Ought To Have Safe Spaces and also Women [or gender specific] Areas

Among the suggestions from the research study was to make vape stores a lot more varied.

The scientists state currently they are really male controlled from the customers to the home furnishings.

vaping is sexist gender specific rooms in vape shops

And also most notably, there are definitely NO risk-free rooms in any one of the vape stores the group checked out or undoubtedly sex details spaces.

Lead writer Travnja Budala claimed:

It’s all steel and also timber which one protests environment modification and also 2 is really enormous.

There were no risk-free rooms either – in any one of the stores we checked out.

Our suggestion is for a regulation that mentions all vape stores ought to have a risk-free location far from heterosexual males.

That will certainly make our sis and also bros really feel risk-free and also not items of meat for desire or taunting.

A drag queen close friend of mine runs a vape store in the UK and also he/she/zee/they/them are really inviting.

The globe requires even more drag queen vape store workers – truth.

And also please allow’s see rainbow flags, ladies’s variety team sessions and also different opening times for all sexes – outlawing males throughout those times.

Doesn’t seem really varied to me – outlawing males I suggest – yet hey, what do I recognize being a virtually 60-year-old heterosexual man [or bigot as I’m often called].

A peek at the financing of this dumb [yeah I said it] item of research study is a little complicated with great deals of edge single-interest group giving away.

Can’t locate any kind of web links to Bloomberg – yet that recognizes.

I question any one of the suggestions will certainly be used up…

Though claiming that, the Biden management is will we state a little crazy about this type of identification shite.

Vaping Is Sexist – Ladies…Particularly Warm Ones Rate To Remark…


Over to you in the remarks…

Do you assume vaping is sexist none comprehensive, doing not have in variety and also male pig controlled?

Are pen design vape gadgets an indication of the phallic patriarchy, and also is the art of structure and also leaking sexist?

Allow me recognize in the remarks listed below.

Which consists of the girls…specifically the warm ones 😉

BTW, I recommend you review the complete record which can be located BELOW – it produces amusing analysis 😉