Vaping Cardiovascular Disease Case Shot Down…Once More!

The web link in between vaping as well as a raised danger of cardiovascular disease is yet once more PROVEN to be incorrect many thanks to a brand-new clinical research.

In straightforward terms, vaping does not suggest a better danger of cardiovascular disease.

vaping safer for your heart study finds

This certain false/fake insurance claim appears to have actually been around for an outright age as well as once more has actually been verified to be to exceptionally ‘poor scientific research‘.

Obviously that hasn’t quit the media are afraid mongering adhering to the launch of the initial research connecting vaping as well as cardiovascular disease.

That ‘research‘ was authored by ‘disgraced‘ anti-vaping researcher Teacher Stanton Glantz.

Besides ‘dodgy‘ scientific research, it was Glantz that as soon as tweeted:

Making use of e-cigs rises direct exposure to hazardous chemicals for many individuals; they would certainly be much better off simply smoking cigarettes…

glantz heart vaping study


It was his shocking cases that caused many political leaders, as well as wellness companies ending up being as anti-vape as they currently are.

That certain research was taken out back in February 2020 after many researchers aware exposed a plethora of ‘accurate errors‘.

I covered that in the post: Cardiovascular disease Vape Research Retracted After Researchers Reveal Flawed Information.

Basically it was discovered amongst those ‘checked‘ lots of had a previous background of cardiovascular disease PRIOR TO vaping gotten here on the scene!!!


This brand-new research – carbon monoxide authored by respected pro vaping physician Michael Siegel MD, need to with any luck place the issue to bed.

Though one questions it…

The in-depth research wraps up:

There is no trusted proof that e-cigarette usage is related to ever before having had a heart attack amongst never ever cigarette smokers.
Unlike problems that the injuries related to e-cigarettes are just currently arising after even more years of feasible item usage, the only proof of time-dependent variant in the organization in between electronic cigarette usage as well as heart attack ran counter to this opportunity.
The clinical neighborhood needs to urge that scientists participate in precise public interaction of peer-reviewed searchings for.

Regarding if the ‘clinical neighborhood‘ will certainly follow this instance one questions provided there appears to be an endless pit of cash money for prejudiced anti-vape researches.

Review the complete research: Re-examining the Organization In Between E-Cigarette Usage as well as Coronary Infarction: A Sign Of Things To Come

A sign of things to come – enjoy it 😉

WONDERFUL To Speak With Vapers

You just have a number of days delegated aid form the UK health care setting on vaping as well as e-cigarettes.

The National Institute for Health And Wellness as well as Treatment Quality [NICE] requires the vaping market as well as companies to participate in the nationwide health care appointment.

NICE vape consultation uk

The outcomes can enhance the method e-cigarettes are utilized in quit smoking cigarettes facilities as well as can have a substantial influence on the method the UK wellness occupation sights vaping.

NICE is the UK guard dog for all points clinical as well as encourages the NHS – to name a few companies – on ideal wellness techniques.

Back in 2018 NICE specified that e-cigarettes were significantly much safer than smoking cigarettes as well as ever since has actually created standards on ideal vaping techniques for the clinical occupation.

John Dunne, supervisor general of the UK Vaping Sector Organization [UKVIA] claimed:

The last twelve month has actually seen a groundswell of assistance originating from the wellness industry for using vaping tools together with various other NRTs to help in reducing smoking cigarettes occurrence in the UK.

This draft advice from WONDERFUL brings massive relevance as well as chimes completely with the UKVIA’s very own job offering aid as well as recommendations to health care employees in cessation solutions as well as various other locations on the appropriate use vaping tools to provide the cigarette smoker being aided the most effective feasible opportunity of stopping their practices.

As an organisation concentrated on cigarette damage decrease via vaping we advise everyone, whether a private, an organization or otherwise commercial, to participate in this appointment as well as play your component in obtaining vaping the acknowledgment within health care that it should have.

It’s more crucial than ever before we the vapers as well as vaping market venture out cumulative voices listened to.

UKVIA has actually assembled a detailed overview on sending your ideas – have a look at the web link listed below:

National Medical Care Vaping Assessment

Fast! The due date is this Friday August sixth 2021 at 5pm!

Decrease In U.S.A. Lung Cancer Cells Prices

Lung cancer cells prices in the U.S.A. has actually seen an enormous decrease in spite of various other kinds of the illness rising.

The Yearly Record To the Country on the state of cancer cells in the United States is created by the American Cancer Cells Culture, Centers for Illness Control as well as Avoidance, National Cancer Cells Institute, as well as the North American Organization of Central Cancer Cells Registries.

drop in usa lung cancer rates

The American Cancer Cells Culture has to do with as anti-vaping as you can obtain BTW.

The record claims:

Cancer cells fatality prices in the USA remain to decrease total as well as for lots of cancer cells kinds, with the decrease sped up for lung cancer cells as well as cancer malignancy.

For numerous various other significant cancers cells, nonetheless, fatality prices remain to boost or previous decreases in prices have actually slowed down or stopped.

I’m no researcher yet there’s around 480,000 fatalities from smoking cigarettes associated conditions tape-recorded annually in America.

Possibly, simply possibly, as well as in spite of the full blast battle on vaping in the nation, the sped up loss in lung cancer cells particularly, might be to cigarette smokers making the much healthier button.

Simply an idea…

Vermont Vape Shops Fined

A triad of vape stores in Vermont U.S.A. have actually been fined for offering vape equipment on the web.

It’s been prohibited to market any kind of vaping items online for distribution to vapers residing in the state considering that July 2019.

Attorney General T.J. Donovan vape fines
Attorney General Of The United States T.J. Donovan vape penalties

The 3 stores are the current to drop nasty of the regulation obtaining ‘civil charges‘ of $165,000 – back in 2020 as well as 2021, 10 various other shops were fined $307,500!

Excellent cash if you can obtain it I mean.

Attorney General Of The United States T.J. Donovan informed the media:

On the internet sales of vaping items are prohibited.

I delight in that these web sites will certainly no more be delivering items to Vermont.

WOW…the Guv is ‘happy‘ life altering as well as life conserving items will certainly no more reach his residents…

Mentioning cash, as well as for the document, Vermont signs up around 1,000 fatalities from smoking cigarettes associated conditions annually at an expense of $348 million in clinical costs.

That’s A Great Deal Of clinical costs entering into the funds of Large Pharma…

Points that make you go ummmm…

ETHRA Pure Nicotine Users Study Outcomes

I covered the ETHRA Pure nicotine Users Study back in very early June as well as there’s currently a 5 min video clip revealing the leading 10 outcomes.

37,000 individuals participated in the study with some remarkable responses.

Presenting the video clip ETHRA claims:

In Between 12th October to 31 December 2020, greater than 37,000 individuals replied to ETHRA’s on-line EU Pure nicotine Users Study.

ETHRA companions developed the set of questions, equated it right into 16 languages as well as evaluated the information, all on a volunteer basis.

Subjects consisted of smoking cigarettes as well as the need to stop, use much safer pure nicotine items as well as obstacles to changing triggered by European as well as nationwide laws.

Right here we offer 10 essential truths from the study.

The video clip is an incredibly fascinating watch – inspect it out above.

as well as lastly…Uncovering the Anti Vaping Crook!

Love this meme lol…

You can listen to little Mike ‘Moneybags’ Bloomberg currently…

I’d have escaped it if it wasn’t for those troublesome vape supporters…

Excellent post also – well worth a read 😉


A lot more vape information on Sunday!