Structure upon searchings for released over 2 years earlier, brand-new research study verifies that cigarette smokers dealing with persistent obstructive lung illness (COPD) experience significant renovations in respiratory system health and wellness by switching over to vaping.  Led by world-renowned public health and wellness professional and also cigarette injury decrease expert Dr. Riccardo Polosa, the earlier research adhered to 44 clients over a duration of 3 years.   The most recent research basically gets where the previous research study finished – complying with the development or variation of COPD signs and symptoms in the exact same team of clients over the doing well 2 years. 

In the preliminary task qualified Wellness results in COPD cigarette smokers that switch over to e cigarettes: a retrospective-prospective 3-year follow-up (International Journal of Persistent Obstructive Lung Condition), the Polosa group assembled medical test information recommending that e-cigarette usage amongst cigarette smoking COPD clients can turn around a few of the lung damages brought on by their condition. 

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In the follow-up research qualified, COPD cigarette smokers that switched over to e-cigarettes: health and wellness results at 5-year comply with up (U.S. Collection of Medication)  which tracks the progression of the exact same clients 2 years later on, the researchers discovered that the clients reported experiencing a half decrease in regularity and also strength of COPD episodes.  They likewise reported an enhanced ability for exercise and also workout, enhanced heart health and wellness, and also a better of life.  COPD-related hospital stays likewise went down greatly by as high as 43 percent, according to various other research study.

In contract with our previous monitorings, lung feature, respiratory system health and wellness (i.e. PET CAT) and also exercise (i.e. 6MWD) enhanced constantly in COPD clients that stopped or decreased considerably cigarette intake after switching over to vaping items. These outcomes resemble those of COPD clients undertaking extensive rehab programs…


“A major finding of the study is that COPD exacerbations were reduced by approximately 50% in patients who stopped or considerably reduced their smoking consumption after switching to vaping. The magnitude of the number of COPD exacerbations prevented in these patients is of clinical significance and similar to that observed with pharmacological interventions. Prolonged exposure to cigarette smoke has been demonstrated to increase susceptibility to airway infection and respiratory exacerbations so that quitting smoking may reduce these conditions and related symptoms. Former smokers in one study reported a 43% lower risk for COPD-related hospitalizations compared with active smokers.”


39 participants of the person team associated with the preliminary 3-year research were likewise associated with the follow-up research.  19 individuals stayed in the control team of smokers-only.  The various other 20 individuals had actually stayed smoke-free, therefore permitting them to take part in the follow-up, too.  Just 4 clients (or concerning 16.7 percent of the initial team) had actually slipped back right into cigarette smoking, and also they were ultimately turned down from the follow-up research study.  The ordinary age of all individuals is 65 years, which is substantial.

Academic community is currently backing Polosa’s COPD-vaping research study

 As the vaping neighborhood is well-aware, there are a too much of fake research study studies and also “news articles” easily offered online that have a solid anti-vaping predisposition however do not have substantive proof to back-up their assertions.  One such research was highlighted in a British paper The City in very early 2019 wrongly declaring that vaping is equally as harmful as cigarette smoking.  Dr. Stephen Andrews of the Scientific Research Media Centre in London instantly pressed back, stating ”the writers’ verdict is irregular with the majority of released research study which suggests that vaping is considerably much less harmful than cigarette smoking.”

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Alternatively, the Polosa follow-up research is currently obtaining recommendations from many participants of the scholastic and also clinical areas.  As an example, Dr. Annie Kleykamp is a cigarette injury decrease professional and also teacher of the College of Rochester College of Medication and also Dental care. In a meeting with Filter Publication, she praised the Polosa research study, specifically pertaining to the value of incorporation of elderly people in the medical test. 

“This study is very informative due to its prospective design, inclusion of a control group, long-term follow-up, and even more importantly, its focus on older smokers…Participants were on average about 65 years old. This study gives support to the idea that older smokers switching to e-cigarettes can improve their health and potentially slow the effects of COPD. … Ideally, larger-sample studies will be completed that replicate these findings.”

The 5-year research performed by Dr. Riccardo Polosa is the very first of its kind and also really historical.  However the cigarette control protestor seems just getting going.  In the closing paragraph of the follow-up research, the co-authors recommend that even more research study remains in the jobs.  “Larger studies will be required to clarify the role of the e-vapour category for smoking cessation and/or harm reversal in smokers with COPD,” they create.  Wouldn’t it be really impressive if they could re-visit with these exact same clients in an additional 5 or 10 years?

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