The COVID-19 pandemic just isn’t displaying indicators of slowing down within the close to future, and the vaccines are nonetheless a number of months away from being available on the general public.  Moreover, many individuals – particularly in the US – appear to be below the mistaken impression of what exactly vaccines are. 

Vaccines are preventative measures.  They aren’t a treatment.

With so many healthcare professionals anxious to search out some miracle pharmaceutical drug that may rid the physique of the lethal virus, many scientists are trying in direction of extra holistic alternate options present in nature.  Well being Europa is now suggesting that medicinal marijuana might maintain the important thing to an efficient remedy for managing COVID signs, if not an final treatment. 

What does COVID-19 do to the physique?

The coronavirus has a moderately uncommon floor that incorporates a number of little spikes that connect themselves to ACE2 receptors within the respiratory system.  If the virus occurs to drill its manner inside these ACE2 receptors, the virus can seize management of the wholesome cell and ultimately kill it. 

COVID-19 usually invades the physique by the use of the nostril, throat, or mouth earlier than working its manner down the esophagus and into the lungs.  Sadly, the deeper the virus travels, the better the variety of ACE2 receptors.  And with extra receptors comes an exponentially better danger that the virus has extra alternatives to breed and multiply.

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This diabolical functionality is what makes COVID-19 so probably lethal.  Because the virus multiplies quicker and quicker after coming into into the deep recesses of the lungs, a affected person’s capability to breath turns into more and more and steadily extra laborious. 

For about 80 % of people that contract the virus, the signs will probably be gentle – normally involving a slight cough and maybe a fever.  For the opposite 20 %, the an infection can change into deadly if it isn’t caught early and handled correctly.  In a few of the most extreme coronavirus instances, the signs start to look inside 5 to seven days after an infection solely to extend dramatically a couple of days later into full-blown acute respiratory misery syndrome (ARDS). 

How may hashish assist COVID sufferers?

CBD oils, in any other case often called cannabidiol, incorporates cannabinoids that are important in regulating ache and irritation.  The human physique produces many of those cannabinoids naturally, resembling endocannabinoids and phyto-cannabinoids.  The cannabinoid present in hashish – THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol – can also be thought of to be a wonderful anti-inflammatory and ache administration remedy.

When the COVID virus assaults the respiratory system, the physique’s capability to supply these important cannabinoids can change into severely hampered.  Scientists in Europe are actually theorizing that the cannabinoid of THC in marijuana can act as a type of substitute remedy whereas concurrently lowering the lung irritation signs of the virus.  In concept, cannabis-based oils may enhance the affected person’s capability to breathe simpler by lowering its capability to duplicate. 

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A number of marijuana-related COVID research are occurring all over the world, however scientists’ lack of ability to rapidly get hold of authorities approval for testing is usually slowing their progress.  In Australia, for instance, there are strict laws concerning analysis involving THC.  Aussie scientists are at present relegated to solely utilizing CBD oils as a substitute, however Australian CBD doesn’t comprise the much-desired cannabinoid THC and continues to be thought of a Schedule 9 drug regardless of having no psychoactive properties. 

In the US the place the federal government restrictions are much less extreme, researchers on the College of South Carolina are following an identical experimental path.  In a latest examine printed in June 2020 within the medical journal Frontiers of Pharmacology, the co-authors have decided that THC therapies assist forestall the onset of ARDS in mice by considerably rising the manufacturing of wholesome lung micro organism important to combating the coronavirus.

“It’s like a car where you’re putting on a lot of accelerator, but the brakes aren’t working,” co-author of the examine Prakash Nagarkatti instructed The State.  “Basically what’s going to happen is your car is going to crash because you can’t stop it. And that’s basically what’s happening with ARDS.” After conducting dozens of experiments utilizing medical marijuana, “100% of the mice given THC survived,” mentioned Nagarkatti.

Whereas the ultimate evaluation involving medical hashish as a potential remedy for COVID might take a number of months and even years, the information might be primarily in combating future outbreaks of latest respiratory viruses sooner or later.  And since COVID-19 is just the 2019 model of this unusual virus (the 19 in COVID-19 stands for 2019), the chance of one other pressure coming down the pike at some3 level sooner or later is sort of sure.

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