Once Again right into the violation of non reusable vapes we go and also this time around it’s the IVG Bar evaluation.

I Vape Great is a widely prominent and also very effective UK based business with satellite workplaces all over the world making a big worldwide impact.

Whilst e-liquids and also nic salts is it’s strength’, the business has actually messed around with equipment in the past – the IVG secured shell set as an example – and also the IVG Bar is its very first non reusable vape.

We’ve evaluated a variety of IVG e-liquids consisting of: the Crushed Array – the 50/50 Vape Juice and also the IVG Juicy Array.

So provided the business’s performance history I’m expecting huge points from the IVG Bar.

What Can We Anticipate From the IVG Bar?

I’m duplicating myself I recognize, however when it pertains to non reusable vapes I’m after convenience of usage – leakage complimentary and also certainly fantastic flavours.

in hand

There’s 16 flavours to pick from a mix of fruits, cold, beverages and also a minimum of one cookie base.

The IVG Bar has a 500mAH inner battery and also they think you’ll rise to 600 smokes off each tool…

I tired to maintain a document however shed matter…criticize seniority.

OK, on with the trial run, however initially…

Specifications and also Functions

  • 500 mAH battery
  • 2ml 20mg nic salts
  • 600 smokes per tool
  • 16 flavours!

ivg bar packaging

I would typically do an ‘Inside the Box’ nonetheless all you’ll discover in there is an IVG Bar!

As Well As there’s very little factor doing a Flying start Overview either – merely unpack, get rid of the bung and also vape – very easy!

I’ve gotten 10 of the IVG Bar variety and also they came straight from the business – many thanks Lilly – and also as constantly my ideas and also point of views are not guided by giveaways.

IVG Bar Pink Lemonade

IVG Bar Pink-Lemonade review

IVG Claims:

Your favorite lemonade with tips of wonderful grapefruit and also an amazing exhale.

I Claim:

A remarkable odor from this with lots of that sharp ‘n tasty grapefruit coming via.

That’s one of my favorite fruits to consume and also vape on so I was expecting huge points.

The inhale is a little wonderful however after that the grapefruit cleans in prior to that iciness prickles the rear of the throat.

Practically excessive ice for me, however an extremely rejuvenating vape with an excellent mix of wonderful and also sour – charming things.

IVG Bar Blue Raspberry Ice

Blue-Raspberry-Ice-ivg bar

IVG Claims:

Rejuvenate your taste-buds with the air conditioning feeling of tasty blue raspberries on ice.

I Claim:

I’m obtaining a certain fruity ambiance from this as soon as the bung is eliminated.

The inhale is pure blue slush and also extremely moreish it is also.

Fairly a cool blast on the tonsils on the inhale and also breathe out and also once more the ice is practically excessive for my taste buds.

Nonetheless that Blue Raspberry most definitely maintains it’s very own making an exceptionally rejuvenating vape.

IVG Bar Exotic Mango

Exotic-Mango IVG bar

IVG Claims:

Provide on your own a preference of the tropics with fresh mango juices.

I Claim:

Yea the odor informs you quickly it’s a mango!

I should have tasted thousands of mango vape juice however this is most definitely among the much better ones.

It actually is a crisp fresh and also simply wonderful adequate vape that I discovered myself blowing on frequently!

At one factor I massaged my chin as my mind was informing me I was oozing those sticky fruit juices lol.

Wonderful vape!

IVG Bar Rainbow

Rainbow-ivg bar review

IVG Claims:

A mix of blended fruits and also berries, an excellent mix with incredible flavours with each exhale.

I Claim:

One of the most beautiful fruity fragrance from this – most definitely had my mouth watering.

This actually is a kaleidoscope of fruity benefits with wave after wave of flavours on the inhale.

There’s a minor air conditioning at the rear of the throat, prior to a lot more waves of juicy fruits and also berries show up on the exhale.

This is beautiful and also extremely extremely addicting.

IVG Bar Pineapple Grapefruit Ice

Pineapple-Grapefruit-Ice-ivg bar

IVG Claims:

A combination of fruity pineapples and also wonderful grapefruit with an amazing icy blast.

I Claim:

2 of my favorite fruits for consuming and also vaping so does the ice clean the flavours away?

Once More it’s a virtually lol.

The inhale is a sensational fruit mash up with both similarly fresh ‘n fruity on the taste.

That ice is waiting in the wings though and also strikes the rear of the throat in and also out.

Once More it’s practically also effective for me, however those fruits are solid sufficient.

An exceptionally rejuvenating vape.

IVG Bar Mango Lychee

Mango-Lychee-ivg bar review

IVG Claims:

Wonderful ripe mango integrated with juicy fresh lychee providing a wonderful consumption and also a fruity exhale.

I Claim:

I had my very first dish of lychees back in the 60’s – nan and also grandad took me to a Chinese dining establishment in Birmingham – fantastic days!

As I youngster I liked the sweet taste – however as a grown-up my preferences have actually altered.

As I anticipated this’s a little also abundant and also wonderful for my taste buds.

Yea it’s fruity however even more of a tinned range in syrup.

Except me however those with a craving for sweets will certainly like it.

IVG Bar Strawberry Watermelon


IVG Claims:

A summer season feeling you won’t intend to take down, with the wonderful preference of watermelon pieces coupled with handpicked strawberries fresh from the area.

I Claim:

The fragrance is extremely warm undoubtedly with the strawberries ahead as they get on the inhale.

As quickly as the vapour strikes your taste in comes the air conditioning rejuvenating watermelon subjugating every little thing down.

The exhale is a large fruit combination and also extremely extremely delicious undoubtedly.

The slightest tip of a coolant just made this much better – wow – fantastic vape!

IVG Bar Soda Ice

Cola-Ice vape

IVG Claims:

Awesome your taste with your favorite summer season beverage, turned with an air conditioning menthol coating.

I Claim:

If it resembles soda, scents like soda it must be soda right?

Type Of…

The inhale is everything about that brownish carbonated beverage.

Nonetheless it’s the rear of the throat hit and also breathe out where points obtain distinctly minty.

This is a little an odd one and also oddly I type of like it.

I presume this is what the froth on a Mintos and also coke experiment preferences like…[look it up lol]

Intriguing I’ll state that a lot…

IVG Bar Butter Cookie

Butter-Cookie disposable vape

IVG Claims:

Please your craving for sweets with the preference of fresh baked buttery cookies in this abundant treat mix.

I Claim:

Sensational fragrance, like strolling right into a bakers store when the cookies have actually simply appeared of the stove.

I have actually been recognized to delight in a biscuit flavoured vape, however this appears a little also wonderful for me.

As well as yeah, as I anticipated the inhale is everything about the sugar, with the butter including a deep splendor.

The exhale simply obtains sweeter the much more you burn out the vapour.

Those clouds scent bloody beautiful and also those with a craving for sweets will certainly outright hit this.

IVG Bar Passionfruit

Passion-Fruit-ivg bar

IVG Claims:

Dessert, unique fruits with a tasty, sharp flavour coating.

I Claim:

I’ve conserved the most effective till last – this is a great flavoured vape.

I actually delight in tarty vapes and also this is merely superb.

The inhale provides that wonderful yet tasty fruit with a small tip of coolant.

The exhale simply improves the flavour and also yea there’s a beautiful sour spin well balanced magnificently by the all-natural sweet taste of the fruit.

I actually want IVG made this in a shortfill or nic salt – though claiming that I might end up being addicted.

An outstanding vape and also bang on my flavour account.

Last Evaluation Decision

As I maintain claiming, like ’em or dislike ’em non reusable vapes are currently a point and also I’m anticipating much more to strike the marketplace.

I did assess the IVG secured shell set a number of years earlier and also wasn’t that satisfied if I’m straightforward.

Nonetheless, the brand-new IVG Bar range – absolutely the ones I’ve simply tasted – are head and also shoulders over that set up.

There’s flavours galore and also a lot of alternatives whatever your taste choice.

They are put bang in the center of an MTL/DTL vape and also simply limited sufficient for newbies aiming to switch over to vaping from lit cigarette.

A number of flavours were not fairly to my individual preference – however also those I can see vapers bloody liking them.

So yeah, an extremely advised collection of non reusable vapes undoubtedly and also definitely no dripping – reward!

PS: do look into the package deals also – fantastic deals!