The Hellvape Trishul V2 Semi-Mech mod is the business’s very first semi-mech mod.

Currently when I initially obtained this I was a little baffled, I examined a pre-production variation of the Hellvape Trishul V2 Mech mod a couple of months back.

So I believed that perhaps they’d altered their mind, as well as as opposed to generating a crossbreed, they made a decision to place some electrickery right into it.

However no, they launched the Trishul V2 Mech as well as currently the Hellvape Trishul V2 Semi-Mech!

Appears a somewhat strange option to utilize the exact same name, particularly as there was never ever a Trishul V1 Semi-Mech, yet there you go.

What Can We Anticipate From The Trishul V2 Semi-Mech Mod by Hellvape?

Currently prior to I begin entering into the testimonial, I do need to take small concern with the term “semi-mech”.

A mech by it’s nature links the battery straight to your atomiser, there are no digital safety and security attributes, as well as therefore you require to comprehend what your managing in regards to Ohm’s Legislation as well as Battery Security.

So called “semi-mechs” are extra like a digitally regulated mod readied to bypass setting.

It provides you the uncontrolled battery power, yet there are safety and security defenses constructed in. I’ll cover what defenses this has, when I have a look at the chip.

Although this is a “semi-mech” it does have an adapter to utilize it as a complete mech. 

Nevertheless if you utilize it such as this, you must treat it as a crossbreed mech, although the favorable pin of your atomiser isn’t getting in touch with the top of your battery.

So constantly ensure your atomiser is hybrid secure as well as the favorable pin protrudes.

This was sent out over straight from Hellvape for the function of testimonial (thanks) customarily, this does not impact my ratings, as well as I will certainly report back truthfully with what I locate.

On the testimonial!

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Inside package

  • Trishul V2 Semi-Mech Mod
  • HellChip (preinstalled)
  • Mech Adapter
  • 18650 Adapter
  • Saves Bag
  • Handbook
  • Caution Card

Hellvape Trishul V2 Semi-Mech Box Contents

Trishul V2 Semi-Mech Mod Specifications

  • Measurements – 27×99.9mm
  • Weight – 168g
  • Battery – Solitary 2×700 or 18650 (not provided)

Style as well as Construct Quality

This is a substantial little tube, constructed from either brass or copper.

The Hellvape Trishul V2 Semi-Mech mod is available in copper as well as likewise in ceracoat black.

Hellvape Trishul V2 Semi Mech Colourways

All the threading is incredibly smooth on it, as well as it has a comfy shapely form to make it very easy to hold.

Trishul V2 Semi-Mech Mod Body

Beginning on top of the Hellvape Trishul V2 Semi-Mech, you’ve obtained a jagged area that has the appearance of a heatsink to it, which streams down right into an hourglass form.

Hellvape Trishul V2 Semi-Mech Front Shot

At the base of the major tube you have the Trishul logo design etched. It’s deeply personalized as well as really feels extremely perfectly completed.

Hellvape Trishul V2 Semi-Mech Engraving

There are 3 major areas to the mod, the leading cap, the text, as well as the button setting up near the bottom.

Hellvape Trishul V2 Semi-Mech Unscrewed

Trishul V2 Semi-Mech Mod Top Cap

Checking out the leading cap we locate the very first significant distinction to the Trishul mech.

Whereas the mech has a crossbreed link, you can see that there’s a call inside the 510 screw right here.

Hellvape Trishul V2 Semi-Mech Top Cap

Or else it’s relatively comparable, 3 battery air vent openings, as well as some laser etching with regulative marks as well as the name of the mod.

Likewise this leading cap can be unscrewed, unlike on the crossbreed.

The mod features it’s chip pre-installed in the leading cap. To eliminate it you require to loosen the leading cap, and after that press the 510 adapter to launch the chip.

This is not a simple task, as the chip is extremely firmly mounted!

Trishul V2 Semi-Mech Mod Chip

Actually you can see exactly how I scratched the call as I was attempting to press it down!

The factor for this is that the the steel around the side of the chip needs to make a great call with television for it to function appropriately.

Hellvape Trishul V2 Semi-Mech Hell Chip from Above

My suggestions is to utilize something with a level end (not a screwdriver!) that is as near the dimension of the 510 opening as you can obtain.

A huge Allen trick or comparable appeared to function OKAY for me.

If you do just have something that’s a lot smaller sized, begin at one side of the adapter, as well as gradually lower, functioning your method around the outdoors to urge it ahead loose.

Hellvape Trishul V2 Semi-Mech HellChip

The chip is a fairly basic event in regards to what it does.

It has 3 significant defenses

  • Short Circuit Defense – Will certainly not terminate listed below 0.1Ω
  • Over discharge security – Will certainly not terminate when battery is listed below 3.2V
  • 10 2nd cutoff – Will certainly quit shooting after 10 secs constant

Aside From that, you are obtaining whatever the present voltage of the battery is.

Bear In Mind That when you’re making use of the chip, you constantly need to have your the favorable on your battery on top.

Actually on the bottom of the chip there’s a large “+” in red to advise you.

A minor drawback, is that the chip hides your airing vent openings on top.

Given that batteries air vent from the favorable end, it implies that if anything does occur, all the gas as well as stress will certainly require to walk around the beyond your battery as well as down out the button.

With any luck with the included defenses, that shouldn’t be a problem unless you are extremely unfortunate.

Trishul V2 Semi-Mech Mod – Mech Setting

Currently if you wish to change it over to a complete mech, Hellvape has you covered.

In package is an additional little plastic disc with calls.

Hellvape Trishul V2 Semi-Mech Hellchip vs Mech Adapter

This is created to occupy the room that the chip would typically occupy.

Unlike the chip, there are airing vent openings in the battery, as well as you can see it’s kept in location by an o-ring around the outdoors as the link.

One point to be familiar with is that although you’re not making straight call with the battery, it must still be taken into consideration a crossbreed link utilizing this adapter.

So ensure that your the favorable pin on your atomiser is extending as well as crossbreed secure.

Trishul V2 Semi-Mech Mod – Change

I created a great deal concerning the button in my testimonial of it’s hybrid sibling.

As it is basically the exact same button, I’m not mosting likely to enter into excessive information.

However you can have a look at what I considered the initial by click on this link.


The button itself is continuous call.

When you push the button, it compels both drawing in magnets apart (not with each other, like you enter various other magnetic buttons) as well as it finishes the circuit.

Switch Exploded View

There’s likewise a canted coil springtime in all-time low of the button setting up to enhance conductivity.

One point to be familiar with, is that when you take lower little bit of the button out (that you push in) it’s important to line it up with both grooves when you’re placing it back with each other. Or else when you rebuild the button it fill up fire constantly.

Simply provide it a fast press when you’ve reconstructed your button, as well as you’ll promptly really feel if it’s not dismaying.

Gladly when I took this button apart, every one of the call surface areas had attractive mirror coating on them.

Distinctions In Between the Trishul Mech as well as Trishul V2 Semi-Mech Mod

Certainly among them is a crossbreed as well as one has a chip (or can be transformed to a mech).

Aside From that they are extremely comparable.
vs Mech

The semi mech is simply a bit taller than the mech, to represent the room occupied by chip, yet or else they share the exact same button as well as standard style.

Certainly you can see that the brass on my mech has actually begun to develop a little bit of an aging, I made a decision to leave that as it was as opposed to brighten it back up, so you can obtain a concept of exactly how this will certainly put on in.

Another small distinction, is that the initial had a plastic lining to television.

I fairly liked this as although you must constantly examine your batteries prior to usage, if you did utilize one that had a nick in the covering, it would most likely be OKAY.

Because of this battery safety and security is much more crucial on the semi mech, particularly if you are utilizing it in totally mechanical setting.

Just How Does the HellVape Trishul V2 Semi-Mech Perform?

Reasonably there’s just a couple of points that figure out whether a mech is any kind of excellent.

Just how tough it strikes, exactly how comfy it is to utilize, as well as what the button seems like.


Does it strike hard?

I’m in the uncommon setting of having both the crossbreed variation of Hellvape Trishul V2 Semi-Mech, in addition to the semi mech that I have in for testimonial, so I’ve had the ability to do some A/B screening.

With no contrast, the semi mech seems like it’s shooting well. As though I’m obtaining all the power that the battery has actually saved.

It’s just when I placed them side-by-side making use of the exact same RDA, exact same develop, 2 of the exact same fresh billed batteries that I had the ability to see a distinction.

Including a chip right into the formula certainly does have an effect on the power that you leave it.

It’s not an enormous distinction, yet it is recognizable. Certainly with a mech mod, the leading power you can obtain from it will certainly begin lowering swiftly anyhow as your battery goes down, so it’s no huge grievance.

Likewise, it’s not a large sufficient distinction that I would certainly have had the ability to see unless I was straight contrasting this versus a mod without security.

In regards to shooting, I’m pleased to claim that the chip presented definitely no recognizable lag in any way.

And also if you change the semi-mech over to totally mechanical, I couldn’t inform them apart, despite the additional threading of the leading cap, as well as factor of call in between your battery as well as your atomiser.

Just how comfy is it?

I claimed it in my very first testimonial, as well as I’ll claim it once more currently.

The shapely formed of the Trishul is certainly my choice when it involves mech mods. It provides a charming waistline that beings in the scoundrel of your thumb as well as fore finger.

Do you like clicky buttons?

This is mosting likely to be the one that separates some individuals. I love a clicky button. An encouraging break when involved, is certainly my choice.

The method the button is established with 2 drawing in magnets that you compel apart, is certainly on the stylish side of points. It’s obtained a fairly brief toss, as well as you require to place some stress right into it.

However there’s definitely no misinterpretation when you make link. Unlikely on some springtime switches over, or magnetic buttons that deal with repulsion, there’s no chance to feather it in between practically making link as well as not.

Truthfully, Hellvape Trishul V2 Semi-Mech button is a pleasure to utilize!

Trishul V2 Semi-Mech Mod – Anything I would certainly alter?

Concerning the only point I’m not keen on is exactly how the adapters match the leading cap.

It is an imperial p.i.t.a to secure the chip.

Likewise there’s no chance to utilize it without the spacer, so ensure you placed the adapter someplace secure it you wish to utilize it as a mech in the future (or the chip passes away!).


  • Seems like a mech
  • Excellent develop high quality
  • Switch over with a breeze!


  • Side-by-side, it doesn’t struck as tough as a correct mech
  • No interior insulation
  • Minimal airing vent when made use of as a semi-mech

Last Testimonial Judgment

To Ensure That was the Hellvape Trishul V2 Semi-Mech.

I need to claim I’ve been extensively appreciating my time with this one.

I often tend not to utilize mechs as everyday vehicle drivers, I had sufficient shorts on controlled mods when I was discovering to place me off the concept of a mech, where a brief is possibly much even worse.

I utilize them, as well as I examine them. However they often tend to be remain at residence gadgets where I can watch on points.

With the defenses that Hellvape took into this, I’m much better taking it out as well as concerning with me as well as utilizing it “just like a normal mod”. No, it doesn’t struck fairly has hard as a mech, yet it’s not a large distinction so to my mind it’s very little of a compromise.

It’s likewise one of the most “mech” like of these safeguarded gadgets that I’ve made use of. So if you’ve desired something that appears like a mech, seems like a mech, yet has some security it’s tough not to advise it.

I’m sure some individuals won’t such as the button, it’s a little bit marmite. Directly, I assume this is just one of the most effective little bits, it’s the factor I liked the initial mech, as well as the factor I such as the semi-mech equally as much!

Is this a mod you’re making use of or most likely to purchase?

Allow me understand your ideas as well as point of views in the remarks listed below…

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