Larger doesn’t constantly indicate much better. The EpicVape E-Nano is a cup-sized giant that can drain powerful clouds with little dosages, and also couldn’t be less complex to utilize. Read along to start with an awesome initially session.

E-Nano Quickstart Overview: What’s in package

EpicVape offers you whatever you require to start, without a frustrating supply of extra components or devices.

  • E-Nano Vaporizer
  • Detachable 110v cable with flexible temperature level
  • Glass stem with basket display
  • Cotton bag for fast storage space
  • E-pick stainless-steel multi-tool
  • Flying start overview
  • EpicVape sticker label

Plug and also play

Establishing your E-Nano log vaporizer takes simply a couple of secs. Take the power adapter and also connect it right into any kind of wall surface electrical outlet, and also connect the various other end right into the system. We’re mosting likely to discharge this session up with savory, however powerful vapor, so establish the temperature level dial anywhere in between 6 and also 7. Allow’s obtain the glass stem prepared in the meanwhile.


Examine the stove display

The glass stem features a basket display preinstalled for you, and also it’s important to see to it this item goes to the best degree prior to we start. EpicVape consists of a convenient multitool that’ll establish it up at the excellent degree. Place the lengthy end of the device right into the stem and also inspect to see where the display goes to. Merely established it regarding the device will certainly go and also you’re great to go!

Utilizing the E-Pick Multitool to establish the dish dimension

Load it up

The E-Nano is a real microdoser, with lots varying from .02g – .05g, however it can drain significant clouds with lots a portion of the dimension of a Mighty dish. You’ll obtain the most effective cloud manufacturing with ground product, however entire nuggets function equally as well and also give the most effective taste experience. We’ll grind up some blossom for this initial session, so order the glass stem and also freely load it concerning ¾ to the leading with ground product.

Tamp it down gently to make sure that it’s resting a little much less than midway to the top. Load it as well securely and also you’ll have really rigorous air flow. You don’t desire your natural herb touching the heating system so attach it to the vape and also see to it they’re not making call.


Struck it!

When you’re ready, merely put the stem onto the heating system and also take a hit! The E-Nano is a slow-moving sipper, so take your time bleeding the vapor as you attract. Those seeking the largest hits can conveniently draw out the majority of the lots with a constant, 10-second draw. Smaller sized players can take brief sips, and also return for 2 or 3 even more hits when prepared.

The E-Nano is effective and also really effective, so mixing isn’t constantly needed. Its smaller sized lots leave little area for locations or unequal chefs, however a fast swirl might produce a respectable completing hit.


When you’re finished with your session, discard out the stem and also clean it out with a little brush or item of cells. Reject the heating system also and also discard out any kind of product down in the well. The E-Nano is made to rest ready for days each time without a misstep, so you can conveniently return to it whenever it’s practical. If you’re provided for the day, we suggest either closing it off totally or transforming the dial to 3 or 4.

EpicVape E-Nano Quickstart Guide Brushing The Heater

Attempt it with entire nuggets

As pointed out previously, the E-Nano truly radiates in the taste division when making use of entire blossom. Attempt packaging in a little nugget and also take sluggish, calculated attracts. The initial hits will certainly be slender, however will certainly radiate brilliantly with delicious terps. Damage it up and also provide it a mix when it’s done, and also take one last hit to complete it off.